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Responsive Websites

Examples How it works! Browser Support

Here are some examples of responsive web design

What is responsive web design?

A responsive website 'responds' to the user's device, screen size and orientation, ensuring the optimal viewing experience on every screen. How it works!

How it Works!

A responsive website uses fluid grids and flexible image sizes to automatically change its design and layout, to ensure it is optimised on the device that it is being viewed on. It dynamically adapts to different screen sizes by rearranging the positioning and reformatting the look of each element of the website. Find Out More

Designed to Run On Any Device

We run a cloud based real estate system which caters for any device and has been designed throughout for mobile first.

Browser Support

The internet can now be accessed through a wide variety of devices including desktop computers, laptops, mobile phones, tablets, e-readers, netbooks, televisions and gaming consoles. Responsive web design is supported in all dominant mobile browsers (Android, iPhone, Opera, Blackberry, etc)
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